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May 18, 2018

This is not your typical Mushroom Workshop. I took this mushroom workshop after failed attempts at Grow Your Own Kits and getting sick of watching YouTube videos about mushroom growing (there seem to be a lot of different opinions on growing your own mushrooms, it gets annoying weeding out the stupid and incorrect ones). At one point I stumbled upon this YouTube Video and liked what I was hearing and also the fact that David puts on workshops. I knew I needed something hands on and YouTube was not cutting it anymore.

I’m interested in growing the non-psychedelic mushrooms (to some of my friends dismay), I’d just like to provide some real mushies for the fam at dinner time.

I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher, David Wichland (of Wichland Woods) is patient, engaging, fun, nice and not overwhelming. The material was presented in a simple, fun format and I learned so much! I would definitely go back for another workshop despite the 4 Hour Round Trip, it was worth it!

THIS IS A GREAT ACTIVITY FOR KIDS! Think… drill holes, place inoculated plugs into holes, hammer in with rubber mallet, paint with wax, pick a spot in the forest, watch me grow!! It’s simple and yet incredibly entertaining!! This is a wonderful, interactive way to get kids involved with nature!

November 15, 2017

Vegans & Vegetarians: CAUTION!


WOMEN IN MEAT NORTHEAST – Need I say More? Yes, Probably. Scroll down if you dare!

Amazing Conference.. can’t wait until next year!!




August 22, 2017


What a great place to take kids! If you have arrived in Richmond, definitely make time to swing by the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden! A must see !! Their grounds are absolutely a children’s (and adult’s) playground ! See nature, exotic and native, come alive ! Here area few highlights, I’m looking forward to heading back when I get off the plane in Richmond and then drive to my parent’s home in Charlottesville, VA. Its a new ritual! Also, these photos are much different than my ones in the past because I am playing around with editing and trying to make them look like film, just having fun!


February 6, 2017

Have you heard of Polyface Farms located in Swoope,VA just outside of Staunton? Well if you haven’t – just google ‘Joel Salatin’ and you will be introduced into the REAL world of agriculture, healthy food & clean farming. You may not like what you hear and you might have to take a hard look at what you consume, so be ready because this man and his message is not to be ignored! You are about to experience a reality food and lifestyle check if you read any of his books or listen to any of his youtube videos. I will be heading down to Polyface Farms in April to attend one of their Lunatic Tours and I can’t wait ! Joel speaks around the world but I am excited to hear him speak on his own turf this Spring at his family farm. If you are not lucky enough to take a ride through the Blue Ridge mountains and visit Polyface Farms, consider attending one of Joel’s speaking events or reading one of his books, if you are super frugal like myself listen to him talk on YouTube! Until then, start seeding and enjoy these photographs from a bacon mission this past summer! I didn’t take a lot of photographs because I was just so excited to be there, I plan on taking a lot more photographs in April!




October 15, 2016

Have you ever taken a trip to  Mayor Blair’s Dahlia Plantation? 10,000 Tubers of Dahlias. A field of BEAUTY! This is your spot to go for a wedding, special occasion or party! 260 Highland Street, Holliston, MA! Absolutely AMAZING!! The Dahlias are the size of your face!!

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May 10, 2016

Here are a couple of ‘get into spring’ photographs taken at a private estate down in Virginia ! Wish I could have gone to the Historic Garden Week of Virginia this year – maybe next year ! Definitely worth a trip for any history or garden buffs ! 

In the meantime, if your spring isn’t packed enough, there are some great courses to take at the New England Wildflower Society! I’m hoping to attend Wildflowers of Maine – although they are located in Framingham they do classes all around New England, so look at their schedule and plan a weekend getaway! I think NEWFS gives you thee most information on their topics, they are by far the place to go when you want a brain crunch of information or if you are just trying to get your education on.

Keep Calm & Plant On!

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April 28, 2016

Each March the Massachusetts Maple Producers Association helps to put on Maple Weekend throughout the state. The event is one weekend usually towards the end of March (there may be a set weekend each year but check their website) where Maple Syrup Farms all over Massachusetts open up their doors to visitors. I hopped in the car and took a quick ride over to Woodville Maples to stock up on some syrup for the year ! What a blast and oh my goodness the wonderful smells ! I was able to sample the different types of Maple Syrup – all of which are delicious and I would take anyone on any day.  In the meantime – check out Woodville Maples of Hopkinton, MA for all your maple needs Just email or Facebook them and they will get back to you, they do not have set ‘open’ hours and need to be contacted beforehand, but they are very easy to get a hold of and willing to work with your schedule ! 🙂

Lumina_Boston_Photography_www.luminaboston.com_-0001 Lumina_Boston_Photography_www.luminaboston.com_-0002 Lumina_Boston_Photography_www.luminaboston.com_-0004

November 1, 2015

I haven’t been able to get to a farm lately to do a post so I have just been photographing around our little cottage/farm as I like to think of it. When I have been able to get to a farm it is to grab some Turkey Pie, Turkey Soup, Turkey Chili, Sliced Turkey Meat from Outpost Farm in Holliston, MA. They make DELICIOUS foods and it always smells so good when you go in there. None of these photographs are taken there but I wanted to mention a farm in the post anyways. Enjoy the photographs & Happy Fall – Keep raking !!

Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0001 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0002 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0003 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0004 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0005 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0006 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0007 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0008 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0009 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0010 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0011

September 10, 2015

This Sunday, September 13th from 11-5 New Found Farm in Holliston, MA will host pony rides, a petting farm, tractor show and just good ole fun on the farm! Free Admission. Drop by and explore the grounds. Their slogan ‘ FREE RANGE KIDS ‘ is exactly what growing up should be all about! Be sure to say HI to Thumbelina one of the miniature horses and check out their new Micro Pigs! Lots to do and see !

Holliston_Family_Photographer-0006 Holliston_Family_Photographer-0001 Holliston_Family_Photographer-0002 Holliston_Family_Photographer-0003 Holliston_Family_Photographer-0004 Holliston_Family_Photographer-0005 Holliston_Family_Photogapher_0001 Holliston_Family_Photographer-0007 Holliston_Family_Photographer-0009

August 22, 2015

Have you ever been to Elm Bank in South Natick/Wellesley? It is a secret gem of the Boston Metro-West area. IT IS GORGEOUS! Gardens Galore ! There are so many niche gardens (Rhododendron, Italianate, Weezy’s Children’s Garden, GARDEN TO TABLE – My personal favorite, and the list goes on) ! This is a great place to come and get some open space , fresh air, and tons of natural beauty – manicured and wild. I am personally involved in the Garden To Table Garden that is volunteer ran – all vegetables produced here are donated to local food banks. Last year we donated over 4,000 lbs. ! G2T (Garden To Table) I will save for another post because it is a story in itself !

Back on August 13  Elm Bank hosted a free festival on their grounds with live music thanks to Jennifer Kimball, tours, art, tastings, and great vibes ! THE POMOMA FESTIVAL honoring the Greek God Pomoma –  honoring Fruit Trees, Gardens & Orchards ! My kind of gal !!! MMM HMM !

If you live in the area, I encourage you to become a member of Mass Hort (short for The Massachusetts Horticultural Society, who’s headquarters are located at Elm Bank) and make touring their grounds a weekly event! They also have a great newsletter with different activities for children & adults all throughout the year! Here are a couple of snippets from the Pomoma Festival at sunset!

Lumina_Boston_Photography_Farm_Photography_Project-0003 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Farm_Photography_Project-0010 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Farm_Photography_Project-0012 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Farm_Photography_Project-0013 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Farm_Photography_Project-0015 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Farm_Photography_Project-0016 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Farm_Photography_Project-0017 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Farm_Photography_Project-0022 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Farm_Photography_Project-0023 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Farm_Photography_Project-0025 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Farm_Photography_Project-0059