the farm photography project
December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Here are a select few photos from Natick Community Organic Farm (NCOF) from my visit this Fall! This will be the first of many blog posts about NCOF, it is in such a great location and they  have SO much to offer year round! Great place to grab some organic chicken, beef, pork and take a stroll !! They offer lots of camps during the summer and school vacations! If I were a kid I would LOVE to go here for camp!!

Farm_Photography_Project_Natick_Community_Organic_Farm0001 Farm_Photography_Project_Natick_Community_Organic_Farm0002 Farm_Photography_Project_Natick_Community_Organic_Farm0003 Farm_Photography_Project_Natick_Community_Organic_Farm0004 Farm_Photography_Project_Natick_Community_Organic_Farm0005 Farm_Photography_Project_Natick_Community_Organic_Farm0006 Farm_Photography_Project_Natick_Community_Organic_Farm0007 Farm_Photography_Project_Natick_Community_Organic_Farm0008 Farm_Photography_Project_Natick_Community_Organic_Farm0009 Farm_Photography_Project_Natick_Community_Organic_Farm0010 Farm_Photography_Project_Natick_Community_Organic_Farm0011 Farm_Photography_Project_Natick_Community_Organic_Farm0012 Farm_Photography_Project_Natick_Community_Organic_Farm0013 Farm_Photography_Project_Natick_Community_Organic_Farm0014 Farm_Photography_Project_Natick_Community_Organic_Farm0015

October 6, 2014















My visit to Lookout Farm included lots of apples, pears, pumpkins, a fun train ride under a grape canopy that ran for what seemed like miles, and a longing to go back! Maybe this week?! Check out their website for more information, this is definitely a fun place to take the fam! I think I’m going to get a Season Pass next year and start marking the apple fruition dates on my calendar, how exciting!

The last few photos were taken in a deserted cornfield on the side of a road. Gulp! Those remaining stalks look thirsty!

And, on a side note!

Tomorrow marks two years of marriage!!! I can’t wait for hundreds more!

I wake up every morning feeling like the luckiest woman alive. And I am. I am so blessed. Words & Pictures don’t come close to explaining how much my husband means to me and his impact on my life. Thank you T for supporting me in everything I do and continually going on Farm Adventures, they wouldn’t mean anything without your support and presence. MOO! Thanks to our extremely supportive & loving family and friends!!

Happy Anniversary! Joyeux Anniversaire!! Feliz Aniversario!!! Comóradh Sona!