the farm photography project
October 15, 2016

Have you ever taken a trip to  Mayor Blair’s Dahlia Plantation? 10,000 Tubers of Dahlias. A field of BEAUTY! This is your spot to go for a wedding, special occasion or party! 260 Highland Street, Holliston, MA! Absolutely AMAZING!! The Dahlias are the size of your face!!

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November 1, 2015

I haven’t been able to get to a farm lately to do a post so I have just been photographing around our little cottage/farm as I like to think of it. When I have been able to get to a farm it is to grab some Turkey Pie, Turkey Soup, Turkey Chili, Sliced Turkey Meat from Outpost Farm in Holliston, MA. They make DELICIOUS foods and it always smells so good when you go in there. None of these photographs are taken there but I wanted to mention a farm in the post anyways. Enjoy the photographs & Happy Fall – Keep raking !!

Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0001 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0002 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0003 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0004 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0005 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0006 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0007 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0008 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0009 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0010 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0011

September 10, 2015

This Sunday, September 13th from 11-5 New Found Farm in Holliston, MA will host pony rides, a petting farm, tractor show and just good ole fun on the farm! Free Admission. Drop by and explore the grounds. Their slogan ‘ FREE RANGE KIDS ‘ is exactly what growing up should be all about! Be sure to say HI to Thumbelina one of the miniature horses and check out their new Micro Pigs! Lots to do and see !

Holliston_Family_Photographer-0006 Holliston_Family_Photographer-0001 Holliston_Family_Photographer-0002 Holliston_Family_Photographer-0003 Holliston_Family_Photographer-0004 Holliston_Family_Photographer-0005 Holliston_Family_Photogapher_0001 Holliston_Family_Photographer-0007 Holliston_Family_Photographer-0009

September 22, 2014

Hello ! What a peach!


MMM.. speckled Hay


Indoor Riding Arena, there are two on the property..  .  . giddy up!

Gunner, what a great name! Long live the Wild West !




Peek A Boo


Insert Animal…. this is serenity to me!


Equestrian Hooks… so classy


I have never seen an Australian Shepherd like this, clearly must be a mix…


My husband says this goat looks like a human! let’s name him/her!


You have food right?


Balancing act


Oh yes I did.


Everybody loves to be pulled in a wagon !


Model Pose. He is working the camera.. I’m assuming it is a he because i see no evidence of utters.




On top of the worldddddd! carolyn?

It was Holliston Farm Day, so we took a little excursion over to Out Post Farm for a Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich… mmm ! Then headed over to Lil Folk Farm! All of these pictures were taken at Lil Folk Farm. They have a great riding program and a wonderful Therapeutic Riding Center adorned by some very mischievous goats !