the farm photography project
May 10, 2016

Here are a couple of ‘get into spring’ photographs taken at a private estate down in Virginia ! Wish I could have gone to the Historic Garden Week of Virginia this year – maybe next year ! Definitely worth a trip for any history or garden buffs ! 

In the meantime, if your spring isn’t packed enough, there are some great courses to take at the New England Wildflower Society! I’m hoping to attend Wildflowers of Maine – although they are located in Framingham they do classes all around New England, so look at their schedule and plan a weekend getaway! I think NEWFS gives you thee most information on their topics, they are by far the place to go when you want a brain crunch of information or if you are just trying to get your education on.

Keep Calm & Plant On!

farm_Photography_project_lumina_Boston_Garden_photographer-0001 farm_Photography_project_lumina_Boston_Garden_photographer-0002 farm_Photography_project_lumina_Boston_Garden_photographer-0003 farm_Photography_project_lumina_Boston_Garden_photographer-0005 farm_Photography_project_lumina_Boston_Garden_photographer-0008 farm_Photography_project_lumina_Boston_Garden_photographer-0010 farm_Photography_project_lumina_Boston_Garden_photographer-0012 farm_Photography_project_lumina_Boston_Garden_photographer-0015

November 1, 2015

I haven’t been able to get to a farm lately to do a post so I have just been photographing around our little cottage/farm as I like to think of it. When I have been able to get to a farm it is to grab some Turkey Pie, Turkey Soup, Turkey Chili, Sliced Turkey Meat from Outpost Farm in Holliston, MA. They make DELICIOUS foods and it always smells so good when you go in there. None of these photographs are taken there but I wanted to mention a farm in the post anyways. Enjoy the photographs & Happy Fall – Keep raking !!

Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0001 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0002 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0003 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0004 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0005 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0006 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0007 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0008 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0009 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0010 Lumina_Boston_Photography_Sherborn_Senior_Photographer_0011

February 19, 2015

Heres to summer! Although I love this winter, I need a little heat right now, its rather cold & the wind is howlin’ ! This is not a farm but a residential floral oasis overlooking the ocean in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Farm_Photography_Project_Maine_0004Farm_Photography_Project_Maine_0001 Farm_Photography_Project_Maine_0002 Farm_Photography_Project_Maine_0003 Farm_Photography_Project_Maine_0005 Farm_Photography_Project_Maine_0006 Farm_Photography_Project_Maine_0007

Farm_Photography_Project_Maine_0013Farm_Photography_Project_Maine_0008 Farm_Photography_Project_Maine_0009 Farm_Photography_Project_Maine_0011Farm_Photography_Project_Maine_0012


September 15, 2014

I am still scheduling visits to farms and wanted to post SOMETHING! Here are some fun garden photos!

Dill Umbels

Dill Umbels


Kale Stalk


What a sky!


Beginning my tribute to swiss chard!


Kale sky!


Have you ever driven on the Swiss Chard highway? The Swiss Chard Slide!


‘Bright Lights’




Spirit In The Sky!


Dinosaur Kale Sunset!


Male Asparagus plant flailing around providing shade!


The Swiss Chard Tribute Continues!


Monochrome Dill , part of the Apiaceae family! The Apiaceae family (common plants include Carrot, Celery, Parsley) is known for it aroma’s and hollow stems!