the farm photography project
August 22, 2017


What a great place to take kids! If you have arrived in Richmond, definitely make time to swing by the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden! A must see !! Their grounds are absolutely a children’s (and adult’s) playground ! See nature, exotic and native, come alive ! Here area few highlights, I’m looking forward to heading back when I get off the plane in Richmond and then drive to my parent’s home in Charlottesville, VA. Its a new ritual! Also, these photos are much different than my ones in the past because I am playing around with editing and trying to make them look like film, just having fun!


May 10, 2016

Here are a couple of ‘get into spring’ photographs taken at a private estate down in Virginia ! Wish I could have gone to the Historic Garden Week of Virginia this year – maybe next year ! Definitely worth a trip for any history or garden buffs ! 

In the meantime, if your spring isn’t packed enough, there are some great courses to take at the New England Wildflower Society! I’m hoping to attend Wildflowers of Maine – although they are located in Framingham they do classes all around New England, so look at their schedule and plan a weekend getaway! I think NEWFS gives you thee most information on their topics, they are by far the place to go when you want a brain crunch of information or if you are just trying to get your education on.

Keep Calm & Plant On!

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April 28, 2016

Each March the Massachusetts Maple Producers Association helps to put on Maple Weekend throughout the state. The event is one weekend usually towards the end of March (there may be a set weekend each year but check their website) where Maple Syrup Farms all over Massachusetts open up their doors to visitors. I hopped in the car and took a quick ride over to Woodville Maples to stock up on some syrup for the year ! What a blast and oh my goodness the wonderful smells ! I was able to sample the different types of Maple Syrup – all of which are delicious and I would take anyone on any day.  In the meantime – check out Woodville Maples of Hopkinton, MA for all your maple needs Just email or Facebook them and they will get back to you, they do not have set ‘open’ hours and need to be contacted beforehand, but they are very easy to get a hold of and willing to work with your schedule ! 🙂

Lumina_Boston_Photography_www.luminaboston.com_-0001 Lumina_Boston_Photography_www.luminaboston.com_-0002 Lumina_Boston_Photography_www.luminaboston.com_-0004

May 22, 2015

The other Saturday I had the pleasure of visiting Harvey’s Farm & Garden Center in Westborough, MA. Normally when I go to a Garden Center, I am completely ignored, offered no help, find many plants not labeled, and usually wander about in circles. What I hope to be a fun, relaxing, & rejuvenating (yes – to see some bright colors, foliage, and life can encourage the soul here in New England!) shopping trip usually turns out to be a frustrating experience. NOT AT HARVEY’S ! You are greeted, offered advice, asked specific questions related to your project(s)! They are WONDERFUL! They are HELPFUL! They are EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGABLE! Also, their plant material is in the best shape- healthy & happy (disease free!), they take great care of their plants and property. Their selection of Vegetable Transplants is amazing – You name it, they’ve got it!! If you want to start a Veggie Garden – GO HERE! I was floored! Thank you Harvey’s for a shopping experience I had always hoped for!!

Farm_Photography_Project_Lumina_Boston_Photography-5 Farm_Photography_Project_Lumina_Boston_Photography-8 Farm_Photography_Project_Lumina_Boston_Photography-9 Farm_Photography_Project_Lumina_Boston_Photography-10 Farm_Photography_Project_Lumina_Boston_Photography-11 Farm_Photography_Project_Lumina_Boston_Photography-12 Farm_Photography_Project_Lumina_Boston_Photography-13 Farm_Photography_Project_Lumina_Boston_Photography-14Farm_Photography_Project_Lumina_Boston_Photography-1 Farm_Photography_Project_Lumina_Boston_Photography-2 Farm_Photography_Project_Lumina_Boston_Photography-3 Farm_Photography_Project_Lumina_Boston_Photography-6 Farm_Photography_Project_Lumina_Boston_Photography-15

May 11, 2015

I will be photographing a wedding at Hartman’s Herb Farm this June so the bride and I decided to go out on a lovely spring day to see what was in bloom or about to be in bloom.  I like to scout out locations prior to the day of shoots merely to get comfortable with my surroundings – I try not to pre-visualize things too much or else I feel like things just don’t flow.

Well, we were in a for a treat, not only is the venue beautiful, the owners are incredible too! What a great family !!! They try to do as much ‘Farm to Table’ items as possible for each event including Flowers & Veggies. If you ever need Herbs, Flowers, Perennials, Wedding/Party Venue, Dance Venue – this is it! Lynn and Carissa are so nice, welcoming and hospitable- it is clear they put as much emphasis, thought and love into an event as the host! 

If you are looking for a nice country drive head out to Hartman’s in Barre, MA to see the beautiful flowers, shop around, and look at the animals ! Call the farm if you have any questions about their farm, what they sell, they are very helpful! This place is adorable and I barely touched the surface and mainly focused on the animals-FYI!











The biggest PIG I’ve ever seen!



Pregnancy Pep Talk..



This pig has grand pigs on the farm… she is a legacy













I believe I can Fly..

April 14, 2015

Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-1 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-2 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-5 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-7 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-9 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-10 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-11 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-12 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-13 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-14 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-15 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-17 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-19 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-21 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-23 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-24 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-25 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-28 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-31 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-33 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-34 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-35 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-36 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-37 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-40 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-41 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-44 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-45 Farm_Photography_Project_Sheep_Shearing_Boston_-47


The Holliston Homestead- It was Shear Day back on March 24th. No sheep were harmed in this process – this guy is a PROFESSIONAL! Not even one knick! The reason the sheep are hand sheared is because their wool will be used for knitting. Next up – Carding the Wool and grading the coat! The sheep look so funny now and are quite naked. They have been so much more talkative since they got sheared. Didn’t hear a peep out of them all winter but now its BAH BAH BAH!