the farm photography project
August 22, 2017


What a great place to take kids! If you have arrived in Richmond, definitely make time to swing by the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden! A must see !! Their grounds are absolutely a children’s (and adult’s) playground ! See nature, exotic and native, come alive ! Here area few highlights, I’m looking forward to heading back when I get off the plane in Richmond and then drive to my parent’s home in Charlottesville, VA. Its a new ritual! Also, these photos are much different than my ones in the past because I am playing around with editing and trying to make them look like film, just having fun!


February 6, 2017

Have you heard of Polyface Farms located in Swoope,VA just outside of Staunton? Well if you haven’t – just google ‘Joel Salatin’ and you will be introduced into the REAL world of agriculture, healthy food & clean farming. You may not like what you hear and you might have to take a hard look at what you consume, so be ready because this man and his message is not to be ignored! You are about to experience a reality food and lifestyle check if you read any of his books or listen to any of his youtube videos. I will be heading down to Polyface Farms in April to attend one of their Lunatic Tours and I can’t wait ! Joel speaks around the world but I am excited to hear him speak on his own turf this Spring at his family farm. If you are not lucky enough to take a ride through the Blue Ridge mountains and visit Polyface Farms, consider attending one of Joel’s speaking events or reading one of his books, if you are super frugal like myself listen to him talk on YouTube! Until then, start seeding and enjoy these photographs from a bacon mission this past summer! I didn’t take a lot of photographs because I was just so excited to be there, I plan on taking a lot more photographs in April!




May 10, 2016

Here are a couple of ‘get into spring’ photographs taken at a private estate down in Virginia ! Wish I could have gone to the Historic Garden Week of Virginia this year – maybe next year ! Definitely worth a trip for any history or garden buffs ! 

In the meantime, if your spring isn’t packed enough, there are some great courses to take at the New England Wildflower Society! I’m hoping to attend Wildflowers of Maine – although they are located in Framingham they do classes all around New England, so look at their schedule and plan a weekend getaway! I think NEWFS gives you thee most information on their topics, they are by far the place to go when you want a brain crunch of information or if you are just trying to get your education on.

Keep Calm & Plant On!

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March 10, 2015


I’m going to warn you up front and be honest – these photos were not taken in the New England area. I took a trip down to Virginia (and of course I brought some Boston Snow Storms with me!) and visited Chiles Orchard in Crozet, Virginia and Veritas Winery in Afton, Virginia. 

Photo Notes.

Although Chiles was closed I got a couple pictures of the peach trees, notice their pruning style (in the shape of a Y). This helps to keep disease down, air circulation up, and makes it easier to pick peaches. At Veritas I snapped a few pics of their veranda that has grape vines overhead – what a windy highway of vines!

Side Notes.

Chiles Peach Orchard – must get their Peach Ice Cream!! And pick peaches! Would love to go in the Spring and see those Blooms – WOO WEE!!

Veritas Vineyard – This vineyard has some of my most favorite views in the central Virginia area. Wow. Go for their ‘Starry Night’ Series – great music, great views, under the stars, dancing, kid friendly, and lots of places for the kids to run around ! Really no better way to spend a summer evening.

Enjoy this winter, it is not so bad. Plus, Spring will be here before you know it!

Farm_Photography_Project_Winter_Scapes_01 Farm_Photography_Project_Winter_Scapes_02Farm_Photography_Project_Winter_Scapes_05